Retail Software

Point-of-Sale, Inventory Management, Sales & Promotions, Customer and Supplier Relationship Management, Employee Management, eCommerce Integration, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Retail Software.

Developed to easily manage your Department Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store, Clothing Outlet, Electronics Store, Appliance Center, Home Improvement Store, Automotive Retailer, Pharmacy, Sporting Goods Outlet, or Furniture and Home Decor Shop.

Hospitality Software

Point-of-Sale, Reservation & Guest Management, Room & Table Management, Inventory Management, Customer & Supplier Relationship ManagementMenu & Recipe Builder, Catering & Event Management, Staff Management, Kitchen Display Systems, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Hospitality Software.

Developed to efficiently operate your Hotel, Motel, Resort, Restaurant, Catering Business, Bar, Nightclub, Travel Agency, Event Management Business, Cruise Liner, Bed & Breakfast, Theme Park, or Casino.

Repair & Job Card Software

Point-of-Sale, Job Creation & Management, Customer & Equipment Database Management, Service History Tracking, Inventory & Parts Management, Estimation & Quoting, Work Order Generation, Technician Scheduling & Assignment, Job Time Tracking, Invoicing & Billing, Customer Notifications, Parts Ordering & Supplier Management, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Repair & Job Card Software.

Developed to streamline your Automotive Repair Shop, Electronics Repair Center, Computer Repair Shop, Appliance Repair Shop, HVAC Service Shop, Plumbing Repair Shop, Watch & Jewelry Repair Shop, or Equipment Repair Shop.

Pawn Shop Software

Point-of-Sale, Item Tracking, Pawn Intake & Quarantine, Lay-Buys, Customer & Pawn History, Inventory Management, Interest Calculation, Renewal & Redemption Management, Forfeiture & Auction Management, Customer Notification System, Employee Management, Multi-Store Support, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Pawn Shop Software.

Rental Software

Point-of-Sale, Item & Inventory Management, Reservation & Booking, Customer & Supplier Database Management, Rental Pricing & Rate Management, Availability & Scheduling, Rental Agreement & Contract Generation, Check-In & Check-Out Processes, Maintenance & Inspection Tracking, Customer Notifications, Billing & Invoicing, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with with EasyAs! Rental Software.

Developed to efficiently manage your Car Rental, Equipment Rental, Video Rental, Tool Rental, Event Rental, Boat Rental, Vacation Rental, Costume Rental, or Furniture Rental Business.

Pizzeria Software

Point-of-Sale, Order Management, Menu Builder, Table Reservation & Dine-In, Delivery Management, Inventory Management, Online Ordering Integration, Customer Loyalty Program, Sales & Promotions, Kitchen Display Systems, Employee Management, Customer Notifications, Multi-Location Support, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Pizzeria Software.

Health & Beauty Software

Point-of-Sale, Customer & Supplier Relationship Management, Appointment Scheduling & Calendar Management, Patient History & Profile Management, Service & Treatment Menu Builder, Inventory Management, Staff & Resource Management, Commission Tracking, Automated Reminders & Notifications, Billing & Invoicing, Customer Loyalty Program, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Health & Beauty Software.

Developed to seamlessly manage your Beauty Salon, Spa, Health & Wellness Center, Hair Salon, Fitness Center, Gym, Dermatology Clinic, Nail Salon, or Medical Spa.

Car Wash Software

Point-of-Sale, Appointment Scheduling, Service Package Management, Queue Management, Multiple Display System, Membership & Loyalty Programs, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Customer Notifications, Vehicle Tracking & Identification, Billing & Invoicing, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Car Wash Software.

Grooming Parlour Software

Point-of-Sale, Appointment Scheduling, Customer & Pet Profile Management, Service Package Management, Queue Management, Membership & Loyalty Programs, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Customer Notifications, Billing & Invoicing, Pet Health Records, Security & Access Controls, Reporting, and so much more with EasyAs! Grooming Parlour Software.

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  • Chris Barnard
    "Best best best! Absolutely best POS. Exactly what the name says, Easy As!"
    Chris Barnard
    Store Owner, Pet Vision
  • Ophnie Edward Mathekga
    "Wonderful work guys!!!! Keep it up and strive for more."
    Ophnie Edward Mathekga
  • Madre Mostert
    "Best affordable software and super easy to use. Highly recommend."
    Madre Mostert
  • Orne Groenewald
    "Excellent support, good rates, and very efficient. The system is really user-friendly and easy to learn. Can't wait to use the rental system. Thank you, Ryan!!"
    Orne Groenewald
  • Nathi Nkomo
    "I tried the software and I was blown away at how easy and stable it is. I will purchase as soon as my store is ready."
    Nathi Nkomo
  • Kevin Sossen
    "Always had great service... Highly recommend EasyAs."
    Kevin Sossen
  • Willie Pretorius
    "Great Software and best support ever!"
    Willie Pretorius
  • Este Gerber
    "Easy-As is the best POS system...Always get the BEST and quickest service from Ryan!!!!"
    Este Gerber
  • Anonymous
    "Excellent support, good rates and very efficient. The system is really user-friendly and easy to learn. Can’t wait to use the rental system. Thank you, guys!!"
    MMM Party Hire
  • Bernard van Kampen
    "Glad to be part of this journey and been awesome working with you. You are crazy good at what you do and your development knowledge is insane. This software Is something special and at first I was skeptical as I did tons of research on other products but from the start you have been accommodating and just in love with your program and that is worth more than any corporate million dollar software will ever be."
    Bernard van Kampen
  • Stefan Reesberg
    "Best 2 men in the business, Ryan and Jacques will sort out any PC or POS software issues you may have."
    Stefan Reesberg
  • Trevor Mark Geduld
    "Very simple software !!!!! perfect for business !!!!!!! and great support well done to Ryan and his team."
    Trevor Mark Geduld
  • Bernico Noad
    "Excellent customer service. Helped very professionally."
    Bernico Noad
  • Vaughn Golden
    "Great company. The software is amazing, we are using it for retail and is easy to use."
    Vaughn Golden
  • Karen Van Vuuren
    "What a great program. With the amount of money I paid I did not expect much. I was amazed at the functions this program has. This is not your average POS system. The service is very good. They are never too busy to help and your call does not go inanswered. It is a easy to get easy to use program at a very good price. Impressive."
    Karen Van Vuuren
  • Juliana Broad
    "I have used several point of sale systems during my 20 years in retail. EasyAs is the best!!!The features are brilliant. Ryan is a genius and after service is excellent. Highly recommend."
    Juliana Broad
  • Alwyn Minnaar
    "Fast and professional customer support. You won’t just get a great product. You get superb backup service too."
    Alwyn Minnaar
    Shop Manager, Snoepie
  • Hayden Abrahams
    "Very good and easy to use software and even better support!!!!"
    Hayden Abrahams
  • Haroon Cajee
    "I have never experienced such prompt and excellent service from any company as I have with EasyAs.They are well…just amazing!!! Ryan,Jacques and Zay..we’re available on the clock anytime ..set me up ..then assisted me with all my issues whenever I needed them. I doubt you can find a company with the support level of these guys.They are undoubtedly above the rest! I compliment u guys!! Keep up the great service.The system is absolutely user friendly and simple to teach staff as well.EasyAs all the way!"
    Haroon Cajee
  • Brent Baillie
    "Best Experience. I have only had good experiences with Easy-As!"
    Brent Baillie
    TNT IT Support
  • Fayez Raidan
    "Very impressed with this product. Brilliant software! Fantastic support! Keep it up!!"
    Fayez Raidan
    CEO, Stop ‘n Go Automotive Services
  • Channon Pigeon
    "Really user-friendly and straightforward, training the staff goes quickly and always great customer support if there's any questions, makes running the business way easier and simpler, the staff's job is way easier too, affordability beats all other similar products in the marketplace."
    Channon Pigeon
  • Anonymous
    "Good, fast and regular feedback.Easy to communicate. No hanging on and listening to monotonous tunes. Phone’s back if needs be."
    HME Renault Services
  • Eloise Herbert
    "I would recommend them thoroughly. These guys are always available for backup, at the drop of a hat! This is just such user-friendly software!"
    Eloise Herbert
    CEO, Convey-It
  • AJ Johnstone
    "Great software very easy to use compared to other POS software out there also great Customer Service."
    AJ Johnstone
  • Jaco Smit
    "Excellent !!!!5 5stars all the way."
    Jaco Smit
  • Casper van Aswegen
    "Best decision ever, very affordable and thank you Jacques for you humble, professional assistance in installing, training and fast excellent service."
    Casper van Aswegen
  • Jonry Stadler
    "Uitstekende diens Jacques!"
    Jonry Stadler
  • Jacques Mostert
    "Best point of sale by far love working on it."
    Jacques Mostert
  • Razeen Moodley
    "Recently joined the journey with the company.....after 40 years in the industry, I must say that the service is par excellent."
    Razeen Moodley
  • Leanne Jordaan
    "Very affordable and easy to use, with excellent service. Would highly recommend."
    Leanne Jordaan
  • Ryan Kruger
    "Ryan is always a pleasure when to deal with and has sorted out out IT requirements for many years now."
    Ryan Kruger
  • Anton Lotz
    "Dis goeie produk en dit werk."
    Anton Lotz
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