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There’s no debate that setting up your POS system should be easy. Managing the setup process should be a snap and you should be able to do it yourself. At the same time, training cashiers and managers should take minutes, not hours. Easy-As! offers an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving.

Generate detailed, comprehensive sales reports that are useful for in-depth analysis, snapshot reports that will effectively guide your pricing and inventory management. Access accurate sales data and other key analytics to make important business decisions on the go. Check business statistics such as net sales, transaction counts, average sales value and total number of customers, all in real time.

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  • mmm party shop
    Excellent support, good rates and very efficient. The system is really user-friendly and easy to learn. Can’t wait to use the rental system. Thank you, guys!!
    MMM Party Hire
  • fayez
    Very impressed with this product. Brilliant software! Fantastic support! Keep it up!!
    Fayez Raidan
    CEO, Stop ‘n Go Automotive Services
  • petro
    Greatest POS system known today! Thanks for a great POS and even better software support!
    Petro Keown
    Medical Store Manager, Tygerberg Campus
  • chris
    Best best best! Absolutely best POS. Exactly what the name says, Easy As!
    Chris Barnard
    Store Owner, Pet Vision
  • alwyn
    Fast & Professional Customer Support. You won’t just get a great product. You get superb backup service too.
    Alwyn Minnaar
    Shop Manager, Snoepie
  • eloise
    I would reccommended them thoroughly. These guys are always available for back-up, at the drop of a hat! This is just such user-friendly software!
    Eloise Herbert
    CEO, Convey-It
  • brent
    Best Experience. I have only had good experiences with Easy-As!
    Brent Baillie
    TNT IT Support
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