EasyAs Virtual

EasyAs! Virtual Backoffice
Anywhere convenience

EasyAs VBO or Virtual Back Office is a software add-on for your EasyAs Business Software. It provides two-way offiline communication to your business software via the internet.

What does this mean?

From the convenience of your home or office, you are able to perform "shop tasks" without having to be at the store! View sales data, load supplier invoices and manage your stock all via EasyAs VBO!

Get EasyAs VBO

EasyAs VBO

  • 2-way synchronisation
  • Doubles up as office backup
  • Can be installed on multiple Microsoft Windows computers
  • Setup in 30min!
  • Once-off purchase of R2500
  • Does not affect your annual support fee

Shop 1

Shop 2

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EasyAs VBO
Cloud Storage


Online User


Stock Management

  • Add, edit, delete stock records
  • Change pricing
  • Load supplier invoices
  • Print reports

Sales Data

  • View Daily Totals
  • View cachup history
  • Print Sales Reports
  • Combine branch totals

Other Features

  • Add, edit, delete user records
  • Add, edit, delete client records
  • Add, edit, delete supplier records