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    Additional Software

    DOWNLOAD General Information Brochure for Easy-As!
    DOWNLOAD Digital Persona Driver (Download the Zipped File)
    DOWNLOAD ZK Driver (Download the Zipped File)

    DOWNLOAD K9! System [Renier] (Download The K9! Project)
    DOWNLOAD Project Falcon [Harold] (Download The Civilion Project)
    DOWNLOAD Leads Harvester (Download the Zipped File)
    DOWNLOAD PDFCreator for PDF/Email
    DOWNLOAD 7zip

    Other Software

    DOWNLOAD Anydesk Remote Support
    DOWNLOAD Chrome Browser 32 bit / 64 bit
    DOWNLOAD Everything Search Tool - Search your PC really fast for files
    DOWNLOAD Netspeed Monitor - Monitor your upload and download speed in the taskbar
    DOWNLOAD Keyboard LED's - Visual display caps lock and numlock on your desktop