Rental / hire software suitable for

  • Costume hiring

  • Building equipment hiring

  • Item loan system

Rental / hire software features


  • Able to set permissions for each user for access to certain parts of the program
  • User Logon via fingerprint or RFID tags
  • Valuable data backup to cloud, flashdrive, portable harddrive, network location
  • Fully networkable: Server terminal environment sharing live data
  • SMS/Email functionality: Specials marketing, order collection reminders
  • Send Invoices, quotations, statements via email
  • Receive automatic emailed cashup reports to your phone/email
  • Stock level warning alerts based on reorder levels
  • Programmable buttons at point of sale for fast moving items
  • System log showing all user activity on system
  • Train new sales staff under 5min!


    • Process rental contracts
    • Popup alerts for double-bookings
    • Book out items – Track
    • Built-in barcode labeller
    • Employee time & attendance: Generate payslips, wages
    • Complete stocktake module with controllables (daily) stocktakes
    • Process exchanges, quotations, sales on account, petty cash, expenses
    • 3 Retail levels per item
    • Set credit limit or discount levels for each client
    • Point of sale: Hold transaction / Unhold transaction
    • Sales loyalty points system
    • Staff incentives, commissions on sales or specific items
    • Process supplier purchase orders
    • Suppliers: Keep track of balances/payments for each supplier
    • Set specials on items
    • Bill of materials can be set on stock items (Recipes)
    • Stock categories, departments, bin locations, preferred suppliers
    • Reports on slow movers, fast movers, items due to expire
    • Sales: Track items by serial number
    • Marketing tools: How they heard about us
    • Vast array of sales, stock reports by time period
    • Support for a wide variety of barcode scanners, cash drawers, thermal receipt

printers, report printers, customer displays, scales, biometric & RFID readers

  • Touch-Screen Ready


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